Patrick Lefebvre was born in 1967 in Montreal, Canada. He graduated from Marsan photography college in 1992. Marsan is the only French commercial photography school in the world. Patrick's photographs were chosen by this prestigious photography institution three times as permanent work's of art to be displayed at Marsan. Only one photograph per year is chosen.

After graduation he worked as an assistant to a Montreal photographer who worked for some of the finest advertising agency's representing some of the largest accounts in Canada. After his apprenticeship Patrick started his own commercial photography business.During this time he consulted for and designed a four thousand square foot photography studio, which was the most state of the art commercial studio in all of Montreal.


Patrick's desire to make contacts in America took him to Miami, Florida where eventually he became the manager of a commercial photography studio. Because of his great expertise in Photoshop and Digital Imaging he also worked for a printing company. Patrick was transferred to New York City where he worked and learned from some of the best jewelry photographers. He became an excellent jewelry photographer himself.

Patrick has worked with all forms of film cameras including 8X10 and is an expert in digital photography and imaging. He also has a deep knowledge of chemical process both negative and positive.

Today Patrick Lefebvre lives in the thriving community of Greenville, SC where he has a commercial photography business.


"I developed an interest in photography and began playing with the camera at the early age of 10. By age 12, I had set up my first darkroom from a kit bought at a flea market. Through PHOTO Magazine, I discovered Cheico Leidman, Salvador Dali, Peter Turner and many more. I had become an auto mechanic when my dad's opinion was to "Get a hair-cut and a real job". After 5 years of being up to my elbows in grease, I decided to pursue photography and enrolled in a commercial photo program in 1991 and I haven't stopped since."

I hope I can count you soon as another satisfied customer.

Patrick Lefebvre

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